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Personal Self Storage

Whether you're moving home or just need some extra space for your growing family, with our multiple storage containers, we have the right option for you.


  • During a house move, if there is a gap between selling and moving into your new home
  • To store excess furniture after downsizing until you decide what to do with it in the longer term
  • To keep furniture safe and out of the way whilst decorating, deep-cleaning carpets or renovating your home
  • To minimise clutter and make your house appear more spacious whilst trying to sell your home


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Business Storage 

If you're looking for a room for bulk or warehouse storage, this size might be right for you.

We understand that at certain times of the year you may need to stock more goods than usual so thats where we help your business with out the long term commitment of moving to bigger premises. 

You may need space for your growing business online? Thats where we can help your business move up to thinnest level without the long term commitment of expense of bigger premises. We have different sized storage containers to suit every size of business which can be increased or decreased when you want or suits you.